Invisalign Is a Modern Alternative

Invisalign is a relatively new concept, but it is a very popular choice. This concept is a method used for straightening teeth, but it is very different than the traditional method. If you think about the time when you were younger and had braces put on your teeth, you will immediately think of those metal brackets and wires that were strung through your mouth. Today children and adults still get those metal brackets, but luckily they are offered various colors for them. People can choose from a wide variety of colors and they can be changed at each appointment. This makes standard braces a little better than they used to be, but they are still not the greatest thing in the world. This is why a lot of people are looking into alternatives.

Invisalign is a great alternative for this. This system also straightens teeth, but it does not use metal brackets or wires. It is a method that is offered by many orthodontists, and it is very different. People are choosing this option for many reasons, and one is because these braces are translucent.

You can see them in a person’s mouth, but they are not nearly as obvious. This is because they are made of clear trays. The benefit of this is that the trays are clear and will not stand out as much. The other huge benefit is that they are removable. If you had to remove them for some reason, you would simply take them out. This is a great advantage and standard braces don’t offer this.

Removable trays make it very convenient for people to do normal things in everyday life. There are no restrictions on foods because they can be removed. With regular braces people are discouraged from eating things like potato chips, popcorn, and other hard foods. This is because hard food can knock brackets off or get stuck very easily. Brushing your teeth is also easy with Invisalign because you can remove them before you brush, which is also beneficial for flossing. You cannot floss your teeth with regular braces. You can with Invisalign, though.

When an orthodontist designs a treatment plan for you, he will be able to show you a virtual plan for your teeth. This plan will show you exactly how straight your teeth will be after your treatment is finished. This will help you decide if this treatment is right for you and will give you something to look forward to. It is always important to keep the braces in your mouth at all times. Yes, you should remove them to eat and brush your teeth, but you should immediately replace them. The more you wear them, the faster they will work. Each set is good for a couple of weeks. After that time, you move to a new set, tweaked slightly straighter. This is how the teeth slowly straighten.

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