Invisalign Helps Patients Smile With Confidence – Both After and During Treatment

Metal mouth. Tin grin. Brace face.

Most everyone has heard these and other negative nicknames frequently given to those wearing the conventional metal-bands-and-brackets-style of orthodontics. Toss in the strong possibility of having to don some fairly unattractive headgear, and it’s no wonder many appearance-conscious individuals who might otherwise like to have their teeth straightened decide to skip orthodontic treatment altogether.

Yes, those attention-grabbing, bulky metal braces still exist, but now there’s also a new teeth straightening technology that leaves even the most vain patients smiling-and makes them excited to be doing so. It’s called Invisalign and people everywhere are singing its praises.

The biggest advantage with the Invisalign teeth-straightening devices is that they are clear so almost no one knows you’re wearing braces. And they also are removable so – unlike traditional braces with bands and brackets – when you go out to dinner or eat any meal, you can simply remove them. Other advantages over traditional metal braces include less mouth pain because the metal bands and brackets aren’t rubbing on the inside of the patient’s mouth. This issue is particularly important to people who participate in contact sports. No longer must they live in fear of a blow to the mouth causing extensive cuts to the lips. Better oral hygiene also awaits Invisalign users, as they can remove their braces while cleaning their teeth.

The product is called Invisalign for a reason – because that’s what it is: an (almost) invisible way to align one’s teeth. Created a decade ago by a California company called Align Technology, Invisalign takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to create a series of custom, clear aligners that are shaped to fit your teeth. You simply wear the aligners at all times, except when you’re eating a meal or brushing and flossing. Your doctor will monitor your teeth’s progress with a series of regularly scheduled check-ups, and new aligners will be given to you according to your needs. It’s that simple, and the process comes highly recommended.

Many dentists have reported that Invisalign is the number one thing that has motivated adults to have their teeth straightened. Everyone from adults that never had braces when they were younger to adults that have had a relapse after they had their braces removed years ago (adult onset crowding).

So why would anyone choose traditional metal braces over Invisalign? Many do so because they think Invisalign would be too expensive for their budget. That’s generally not true. Invisalign is only slightly more expensive than traditional metal bands and brackets. And the treatment time is generally less than with the more traditional method. Many patients will see complete straightening of their teeth in just 12 months, according to Invisalign’s official Web site.

For many, those factors make Invisalign an investment worth making.

Invisalign provides its wearers with the ability to straighten their teeth and dramatically improve their smile in a simple, efficient manner. It’s painless, removable, looks great and provides one with a great new smile.

Potential orthodontic patients, take note. There’s a new nickname waiting for you at many dentist offices across the country: intelligent. And all it takes is one phone call to earn it.

Source by Edward Siro

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