Invisalign – Correcting Crooked Teeth Discretely

If you have crooked teeth all your life, it is only natural that you will feel self-conscious. After all, not-so-perfect teeth are something that people notice all the time. Thinking of not smiling for the rest of your life is certainly out of the question. Traditional metal braces are also something you would never consider at your age. You could just imagine the stares you will get with those things. Before you give up hope and vow not to show any feelings of happiness, you should check out Invisalign.

Developed by Align Technology, Invisalign is the latest orthodontic treatment method that is perfect for people who do not want to wear the traditional metal braces. This method involves the manufacture of custom-fitted aligner sets that patients will wear throughout the course of the treatment. These aligners are transparent and are not noticeable at all. You will never feel self-conscious or embarrassed when people look at you.

In addition to this, the aligners will be made using the latest technology. After an Invisalign-certified orthodontist obtained an impression of your teeth and sent it to Align Technology, special computer software will simulate it. Once done, Align experts will start designing a treatment plan that will be the basis of your aligners’ design. Of course, your orthodontist’s instruction will be the primary consideration since he was the one who checked out your teeth thoroughly.

You will be given your Invisalign aligners as soon as your orthodontist receives them. These aligners come in sets, each one slightly different from the next. The logic is that each set will make your teeth straighter, one stage at a time. On the average, one aligner set is worn for two weeks. It takes about 9 to 15 months for the whole Invisalign treatment to be completed. If you want the treatment to go as planned, you should make sure that you wear your aligners all the time. The aligners can only be removed when brushing or flossing your teeth and eating.

Do not be surprised that Invisalign aligners are removable. Its manufacturer made sure that consumers like you will not be uncomfortable during the duration of the treatment process. You can still eat your favorite food without worries. This feature of Invisalign is perhaps the most attractive of all. As soon as your teeth are no longer crooked, your orthodontist would probably recommend that you wear retainers at least at night.

In the United States, people spend much money on dental braces. Invisalign prices can reach as high as $9000 but that is for very bad teeth conditions. If you are on a tight budget, you can check with your orthodontist for financing and you can also ask your health insurance provider if they shoulder a part of dental braces cost. This way, you can avail of Invisalign’s benefits without over-extending your finances. You can now have those perfect teeth you have wanted for so long – and your friends would notice them immediately.

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