Invisalign Braces For The Working Professional – A Personal Experience

A friend of mine recently had an interesting experience with some Invisalign braces. At least, he did eventually, but only after meeting a pair of traditional metal braces. Let me explain.

My friend works as an IT consultant, which is one of those people who seems capable not just of talking a completely foreign language whilst smiling and wafting you gently towards your cheque book, but actually seems capable of making up words on the spot just to head you off at the pass. Anyway, one aspect of his job is to present a clean cut, professional appearance. Often he has to do presentations for important prospective clients, where even a small tea stain could well unsettle his professional image.

His daughter however was still at school, and this difference was fairly crucial when it came to teeth alignment. One of the distinguishing features which seem to run in my friend’s family are buck teeth. In fact my friend has buck teeth, an overbite and a gap large enough to mean he doesn’t have to open his mouth to use a straw or spit pips.

His daughter, being a little more self conscious perhaps, wanted to have her teeth corrected, and so after taking her to the dentist she was fitted with a set of metal wire braces. However, the truth is that this actually got my friend thinking; he started to wish he had had teeth alignment when he was her age, because his teeth were the one thing which he felt let him down.

When giving presentations he’d occasionally stop, thinking that someone was whistling to catch his attention, only to realise that it was him whistling through the gap in his teeth. His buck teeth and overbite didn’t, so he felt, give him the clean, suave impression he wished to give. But of course there was equally no way in which he could possibly go down the same road as his daughter. For him wearing a brace like that was just out of the question.

It was a chance conversation one day which set him thinking about Invisalign braces. In case you haven’t come across them, Invisalign braces are clear, transparent aligners which perform the same thing as traditional metal braces, but in a much more discrete way. In fact if you didn’t know someone was wearing Invisalign aligners you probably would never be able to tell. The fact that they are able to achieve at least as good results as normal braces, and in around half the time, just adds to their appeal.

After making a few enquiries about how Invisalign’s clear braces work he decided to bite the bullet, which actually he hadn’t been able to do before as it just slipped through the gap! For the first couple of days he was aware of the aligners, and felt a little anxious that people would be able to tell. But to his amazement, no one mentioned anything at all. When he broached the subject with one or two of his colleagues in the office who had been sitting next to him or opposite him just a couple of feet away, they expressed astonishment because they hadn’t noticed a thing.

He’s had them in for a few weeks now and you can already see a marked difference. The real difference though isn’t just in the way his teeth look, but in his self confidence. For anyone who feels they’re too old to have metal braces, or can’t afford to affect their clean professional image, then Invisalign braces could certainly offer the ideal solution, offering teeth alignment without the scaffolding.

Source by Justin Arnold

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