Invisalign Benefits

Straight teeth completely change your confidence level. But the process of getting straight teeth usually involves a period of feeling even less confident: wearing braces. Opting for Invisalign in Chicago may be just the straight-teeth solution you need without sacrificing confidence. We outlined some benefits of Invisalign.

You don’t have to press pause on your life.

Braces can be a hassle in tons of ways, but with Invisalign, you don’t have to think twice about your favorite daily activities. Because you take them out every time you eat, you don’t have to worry about avoiding certain foods. You can also brush and floss as you normally would without worrying about brackets or wires. Speaking of brackets and wires, you don’t have to worry about damaging them, so emergency dental visits are out of the question.

They’re clear, so you’ll forget they’re there.

Don’t sidetrack your confidence for straight teeth. Once you get used to the feel of having your Invisalign trays in, you’ll forget they’re in. Simply wear them 20-22 hours daily for best results. Parents, you’ll see blue compliance indicators to ensure your child is wearing their trays enough.

Fewer visits to the dentist.

Despite changing your set of aligners every one to two weeks, you’ll only visit your dentist every six to eight weeks to check your progress. Less time at the dentist means more time to enjoy your life. Plus, cleaning is a breeze. Simply rinse your aligners at the end of every night, using your toothbrush to keep them clean.

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