Impacted Wisdom Teeth Swelling – How to Decrease the Swelling

A number of people happen to submit themselves to the knives of the Dentist for surgical extraction of impacted Wisdom Teeth which if left untreated can lead to infection, swelling and pain. This surgical procedure involves administration of local anesthesia. The surgeon cuts open the gums to cut the bone and the wisdom teeth and extract them in bits of as a whole. End of the procedure he sutures the bleeding gums together, cleans up the area and a gauze is place in place along with antiseptic medication.

Post operation the effect of local anesthesia wears off in a few hours and the patients start feeling the pain and discomfort, coupled with swelling. This is normal in surgical cases and the healing process takes anywhere from 48 hours to 72 hours to begin healing. Unless one develops any complications due to any problems arising out of surgical procedure, or any tooth bit left over or skin infection etc, the recovery is smooth as long as the doctors prescribed routine and precautions are followed along with medication. In case the patient is found to be suffering from diabetes or Blood Pressure etc, one would have to watch out for any abnormality in the healing process.

The first question the patients ask the doctor after surgery often is how to decrease impacted wisdom teeth swelling. Swelling of the gums in post operative cases is natural which results due to the inflammation of the skin and gums where in tissues have been cut. Doctors prescribe pain killers to reduce the pain along with antibiotics to keep away any bacterial infection.

However for the swelling to reduce two things have to be followed mainly. First of all, there should be no activity involving the affected part of gums thereby giving time for the skin tissues and nerve endings to heal.

Secondly administering an ice pack for about 10 minutes at a time and repeating the same over the affected area causes the shrinking of blood vessels and nerve endings to constrain and stop bleeding and swelling. For a few hours or up to a day, it is advisable to take in only liquids through straw and do not take any chewable food items. The patient has to restrict the food intake for few days and go for only soft food which can be swallowed easily and does not cause any friction or irritation to the gums in affected area. Many times the doctors advise keeping medicated gauze in between the gums and bite into them and hold the position for some time to bring down the swelling. With strict adherence to the doctor’s advice you will start healing very fast. However always be careful to use soft brush and do not cause any damage to the gums.

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