How to Look After Your Invisalign Aligners?

Another offering from cosmetic dentistry: straightening the teeth without braces. Invisalign is the technology behind this. It is a removable and “invisible” aligner made from a clear thermoplastic material custom made to suit only the client’s teeth-invisible alignment: Invisalign. It should be worn for two weeks before being replaced by another set. With the aligners the teeth will move closer and closer until the desired result is achieved.

For optimum results, proper use and care should be practiced. After all, cosmetic dentistry doesn’t end with just the procedure or the instalment of the gadget, you need t take care of it.

Make sure the teeth and the Invisalign are clean before wearing the aligner. Proper oral hygiene is of course a must. Clean Invisalign by gently brushing it. If Invisalign cleaning kit is available, use it; if not use your regular toothpaste to clean it but avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals. Invisalign is generally stain resistant, but if a stubborn stain persists, the aligners may be cleaned by soaking it in half a cup of water at room temperature with 10 drops of Clorox bleach for 20 minutes. Only do this occasionally, though. You don’t want this cosmetic dentistry gadget to look and/or feel strange thanks to bleaching.

Do not expose Invisalign to temperatures warmer than the mouth. Invisalign is made of a plastic resin and will be distorted when exposed to extreme heat.

Eating and drinking hot food and beverage while wearing Invisalign is not allowed. Remove the Invisalign before taking in hot food and drinks. Drinking cool water with the Invisalign on, however, is recommended. Prevent staining the Invisalign by not smoking or removing it prior to smoking. Do not chew gum with the Invisalign on because it will stick to the aligner. There are cases when it is okay to eat and drink with the Invisalign on, but as a general rule remove the aligner prior to eating and drinking.

And on a last note, store the aligners using the case provided when Invisalign is not worn. That’s what they are for.

Cosmetic dentistry is exactly what it is: Cosmetic. Not permanent, reversible, and in need of proper care. Even permanent dental procedures have proper care how-to’s right? So remember to take care of your Invisalign.

Source by Dr Jagmail Basrai

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