How to Get a Seat in the PG Medical Course of Your Choice?

There is one mind-boggling question that baffles most UG medical students:- how to get a seat in the PG medical course of your choice? What could be the right recipe so that one gets a high rank in PG medical entrance exam and bag a course of one’s choice? AIPGE exam in India or for that matter AIIMS PG medical entrance examination is the toughest nut to crack!

If you are a UG medico student in India and are nearing your internship, then you know how it is about bagging a seat in the field that you love and want to make a life out of it. Especially in India with stiff competition and as little as 10,000 PG seats being chased by more than ten times’ number of UG or PG students! Smart preparation for AIIMS PG entrance examination or for the AIPGE exam, or for the PGI Chandigarh entrance exam etc is therefore, prerequisite. Some of the best worked out tricks for getting a rank in PG medical entrance are listed below-

• Focus on theory in first couple of years of MBBS

When a student bags an MBBS seat, there is an “above the air” euphoria especially in India. You have cleared a terrible hurdle, could outrun a majority of population that sat with you for the exams! In a majority of cases students in at least the first prof year of MBBS tend to be a happy lot! But a word of caution- studying smartly the beginning of the subjects can go a long way for a smart preparation for all kinds of medical PG entrance exams in India. The first couple of years comprise of papers on Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology and several non-clinical medical subjects. Since, the questions framed in these PG entrance exams are much based on how well you understood the subject, it is advisable not to neglect theory! Students tend to solve a great deal of MCQs for medical PG entrance exam and falter during the exam as they never had their concepts very clear!

• Reading the right kind of books

Books needed for preparation of PG medical entrance exams are very valuable. They give you an in depth knowledge of the subject in hand. Then there are certain books specifically designed for AIIMS PG medical entrance exams or for the AIPGE exams. A visit to the International book fair in India threw a light on the beautiful array of books that can help an MBBS student to prepare for PG medical entrance exams and get a seat in the PG medical course of one’s choice. Top medical publishers such as Elsevier have a large number of titles specifically meant for each prof year for the MBBS students apart from gearing them up for their PG entrance preparation.

Some popular books by Indian authors that are great for medical PG entrance preparation are-

• SSS- Obstretics and Gynecology (Dr Punit S. Bhojani)

• SSS- Radiology (Dr. Narender Rohilla)

• Shaw’s Textbook of Gynecology, 14/e (Padubidri)

Integrate your subjects for PG medical entrance preparation

The trick is to integrate you subjects while you are studying and preparing for medical PG entrance exams. If you want to have a high ranking, it is better to make studying fun! For instance, an MBBS student studying a particular topic in Microbilogy (Practicals and Viva in Medical Microbiology, Randhawa) can pick up its exclusive pathogenisis in Pathology from popular Pathology books and in turn understand the most suitable drugs used in Pharma!

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