How to Become a Dentist – Career Options in Dentistry

A dentist is a doctor who is specialized to diagnose and treat medical conditions pertaining to the teeth and oral cavity. Apart from common dental problems, a dentist is also equipped to carry out complex procedures like removal and replacement of damaged teeth, surgery, braces, dentures etc. He will also be trained to perform radiographic techniques, laser surgeries, tissue grafts etc.

Becoming a dentist is an excellent career option these days as there are so many opportunities in this field of medicine. There has been a positive profile shift in this career recently which has thrown open many new possibilities and opportunities. There are several new fields and specializations that have opened up in the recent times that have only increased the popularity of this career option.

A dentist, today, has an enormous role to play in the public health scenario. There is an increasing awareness of oral health and the emergence of new specialties like orthodontics, periodontics, oral pathology and surgery has increased the scope of this career. The other reason why this is a highly sought u after career option is because the pay packages are really good and you can also have flexible work hours. Being a dentist means, you also have the advantage of setting up your own clinic and being your own boss.

To be a dentist, it is important to take up the science stream while you are in high school. There are several universities and colleges offering a bachelor’s or doctor’s program in dentistry. You could either opt for a merit-based scholarship program or apply to any of the private institutions with full regular fees. After completing your bachelor’s program, it is important to take up internship as this is the time that you obtain hands-on experience being a dentist.

Continuous education is also important after you have become a qualified dentist. There are so many specializations to choose from these days which can really fast forward your career. Dentists also have to be licensed by the concerning authority as per the health department’s policies before they start to practice or open their own clinic. Apart from setting up your own center, a dentist can also opt for a career in large hospitals, nursing homes, health departments or you could even take up a teaching career in universities. There are also corporate companies manufacturing toothpastes, dental solutions and devices who employ dentists for their research and development division.

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