How Invisalign Aligners Work

It’s small wonder that some people have misgivings about using traditional metallic braces. They are not only unsightly; they are also difficult to clean because they are fastened permanently and are removed only by the dentist when the result has already been achieved.

It’s a good thing that there is now a better option for straightening teeth. Invisalign clear aligners literally means “invisible,” taking the whole teeth straightening process to a whole new level.

Invisalign is a series of clear, removable aligners that help straighten teeth little by little until the desired position is obtained. Invisalign helps those with misaligned, crooked and gapped teeth achieve an attractive smile in a discreet way, so the wearer doesn’t have to feel self-conscious when talking or smiling. This makes Invisalign especially popular among socially active teens and adults.

While aesthetics may be the main reason why patients prefer Invisalign over traditional metallic braces, Invisalign actually has other benefits. Since they are removable, you can take them off when you eat your meals or brush your teeth, making it possible for you to clean your teeth thoroughly. They do not get in the way of you enjoying your favourite foods, unlike traditional metallic braces which generally requires that you avoid hard, sticky foods lest the wires break.

Another problem with metallic braces which Invisalign eliminates is the fact that traditional braces may cause irritation to the tongue, as well as the insides of the lips and cheeks. With Invisalign, there is also less risk of developing cavities because food particles don’t get lodged in the braces. You can store away your clear aligners when you have to eat and put them back on after you’ve brushed and flossed your teeth.

The non-invasive yet highly effective quality of Invisalign makes them an ideal orthodontics treatment method. You may take some time to get used to having the clear plastic trays in your mouth, but you will become more comfortable with them after a week and may even forget that they are even there.

For optimum results, you will be required to wear your Invisalign aligners at all times (except during mealtimes). This is the make or break factor in the success of your Invisalign treatment. Since the aligners are removable, some patients may forget to wear or intentionally disregard wearing them. Your Invisalign treatment therefore requires a lot of self-discipline and compliance on your part.

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