How Does the Process of Removing Wisdom Teeth Work?

Wisdom teeth are the third sets of molars that are formed in the back of the teeth in one’s late teens. These can be helpful if they are aligned properly but if they are not aligned properly or they have been impacted inside of the gums they will have to be removed. The process that is used for removing wisdom teeth is one that will be important so that the pain of improperly aligned wisdom teeth can be fixed.

First the patient will need to get a consultation with a dentist. The dentist will need to take a look at how the wisdom teeth have been formed. If the teeth are okay and are not causing any harm to the patient then the dentist will leave them alone. In some cases the dentist may want to remove these teeth even if they are not causing any problems simply because these teeth are ones that could cause problems in the future. If the removal process is delayed it could end up being dangerous and painful.

For typical wisdom teeth that have been developed outside of the gums the dentist will be able to extract these teeth just like with any other type of tooth. The tooth extraction process will work in that the teeth will become numb through the use of an anesthetic. The sockets of the wisdom teeth will be loosened so that they will be removed with ease. Pliers that work with extracting teeth will work in this case. After this is done some temporary pain medication may be provided to the patient to take care of any potential pains that could occur.

In the event that the teeth have been impacted surgery will be needed to help with taking care of the gums. For surgery the dentist will have to work with an oral surgeon for the process. As the gums are cut open portions of the wisdom teeth will be progressively removed during the process. This is so a small incision will be used during the entire process. After this type of surgery is used pain medications will be prescribed by the patient.

In many cases bleeding will occur after the teeth are extracted. Moist gauze will be used to help with controlling the bleeding. After clots are formed to stop the bleeding heavy drinking actions and hot liquids should be avoided for at least twenty-four hours.

Antibiotics might be used as well. These will work to help with getting infections to be extracted from the areas that the wisdom teeth are in. In most cases these materials will need to be used starting before the extraction process and the prescription will need to be continued up until the prescription runs out.

Wisdom teeth are difficult teeth to deal with in many cases. Fortunately they can be removed through processes for both teeth outside the gums and teeth that have been impacted.

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