Get the Benefits of Properly Aligned Teeth With Invisalign

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A bright smile with evenly aligned white teeth exudes a picture of confidence. The benefits of properly aligned teeth not only include aesthetics and a positive frame of mind but also improved dental and overall health.

Malocclusions or crooked teeth often lead to gum disease and tooth decay due to overcrowding or extra teeth width and an uneven bite. This often leads to accumulation of plaque in crevices resulting in tooth decay and formation of cavities.

The long term effects of bleeding gums and tooth loss are well researched. The American Dental Association has found from studies that oral infections put you at a higher risk for developing serious ailments like heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.

Invisalign vs. metal braces

Earlier the only solution to rectify teeth misalignment was wearing metal braces. These braces while effective prevented effective cleaning of teeth and were quite conspicuous. Also braces were more suitable for children and teenagers rather than adults.

Today with the advent of Invisalign even adults can get their teeth straightened without the pain or embarrassment of wearing braces. The aligners can be used to treat a variety of conditions like over-bite as well as to reduce width between teeth.

The Invisalign braces or aligners are removable unlike conventional braces which are affixed to the teeth for months on end. So you can continue your daily dental hygiene like flossing along with brushing as usual. This also means you can continue to eat your favorite foods which are normally not allowed if you are wearing metal braces.

The best part about Invisalign is of course the aligners. Made of clear and transparent plastic the aligners are hardly discernible to the casual observer. This makes wearing the aligners less of a social hindrance and is ideal for people of all ages.

The Invisalign treatment process

Invisalign makes use of the dentist’s expertise along with 3-D computer generated images to design a unique set of aligners. These aligners are custom-made according to your jaw, teeth size and level of correction to be achieved.

The procedure involves use of a series of aligners to be worn after a fixed duration of time. Each aligner is progressively close fitting as compared to the previous one. Hence for best results the aligners should be worn for maximum lengths of time up to 20-22 hours daily.

The longer the treatment duration the better are the results achieved. Changes are usually visible in about 6 months to a year unlike conventional braces which require at least 2 years for any noteworthy results to be seen.

You can even take a look at how your teeth would look post the treatment beforehand from the computer images. Lastly, the braces are quite easy to maintain with the only requirement being periodic cleaning using water.

The Cost

Invisalign treatment cost varies from case to case, according to the duration and the complexity of treatment. Although the cost was on the higher side initially, with advancements in the technology everyone can afford the treatment quite easily with current estimates ranging from $3000 and above.

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