Genetic Study Identifies Cause of the Majority of Breast Cancers

Since 2001, more than 100 women have participated in clinical trials of a new, non-toxic approach for destroying breast tumors. The improved treatment technique was developed from a genetic study that identified the neurotoxins involved in the cancer process. In the ten years of trials, only 3 of the 100 women developed new tumors giving this technique a 97% success rate based on the 5 year standard.

Many theories have been stated concerning what causes cancer. None of the theories seem to hold water. Parasites, viral, diet, low body pH, etc.-none have enough valid research to bring about a cure. The problem has been that researchers in the field of natural medicine often do not agree or are unable to provide sufficient scientific evidence of their theory to proceed with meaningful studies.

The genetic study found at involved over 40,000 samples that proved positive of the neurotoxins that set the cancer process (the inhibition of the P-53 and its associates) into motion. Further related studies by the North Carolina Institute of Technology have indicated that these neurotoxins found in the jawbone, root canal teeth, and under old crowns are easily identified using screening techniques which include infrared imaging of the face. In over 1000 cases of cancer, no exceptions have been found in the relationship concerning oral pathology and cancer. Remarkably, if, for instance, there is a tumor in the left breast of an individual, the oral pathology will be found on the left side of the face, i.e., root canal, oseonecrotic jawbone, or rotted material under a crown. Even the spreading of the cancer, until the patient is consumed with cancer, generally remains on the same side of the body.

Source by Dr Robert Dowling

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