Fill the Gap After Tooth Extraction – The Importance of Dentures and Dental Bridges

There is much question on how important is it to fill the gap after tooth extraction. Let this article shed light on why is it very necessary to get dentures or dental bridge after your tooth is extracted.

The importance to fill the gap in your teeth can never be stressed enough. It is very much needed to get a fixed dental bridge to fill in the gap left by tooth extraction. Alternatively, a removable denture can also be a good alternative to a dental bridge.

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration which is joined permanently to adjacent tooth. Dentures are prosthetic devices that are traditionally removable. There are also available designs that are fixed, clasping into teeth or relying on bonding. Consult your dentist on the advantages and disadvantages of these two options.

The reason why you need a bridge or a denture is to restore the normal tooth functions. In addition, taking these procedures will likewise preserve your arch’s integrity. When the space is left out for a period of time, the other teeth might start to drift out of position and this will ruin the integrity of your arch. There is also a tendency that the tooth in the jaw opposite this space may move and become misaligned.

Putting off getting a denture or a bridge might have some consequences. Never neglect this part as a way to care for your teeth. Because it might cause other damages, the procedures may become more complicated as time goes by.

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