Facts About Invisalign

Invisalign is an innovation in the field of orthodontics that is much heralded as amazing and advanced. Many people who might shy away from getting their teeth straightened in the traditional manner (i.e. with metal braces) are now looking to this new method of improving the alignment of their teeth because of the appearance factor and because the dental appliance is not affixed to the teeth and can be taken out to eat, attend special events and so on.

If you wish to fix your crooked smile then Invisalign is an option for you. It helps to know some facts about this dental innovation before you decide to dive in and see an orthodontist for treatment.

You may have heard that this straightening method for teeth is able to correct all orthodontic related issues. This is not the case. While the technology behind this dental option is improving all of the time, there are some problems that the aligners in this treatment are unable to repair. One example would be if bicuspids need to be extracted. The orthodontist you see will need to examine your teeth and do a thorough assessment to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this modern therapy or not.

Braces get cause discomfort in the mouth as teeth are being moved and manoeuvered and the same can be said for Invisalign. Teeth and gums can both get sore from the pressure exerted upon them by the aligners. Your teeth do not know the difference between metal and plastic. Aligners are smoother though and are likely to not be as rough on your lips or the inside of your mouth in comparison with wires and metal brackets that come with the older type of braces.

You may think that because of the sophisticated technology behind Invisalign that this treatment moves teeth at a faster pace than regular braces. The healthy and safe movement of teeth takes place at only one speed and it occurs at basically the same rate regardless of whether it is taking place due to metal wires or plastic aligners. The reason that most Invisalign treatment cases do not seem to take as long as metal braces is because orthodontists use this straightening method for their easiest and simplest cases.

Align therapy costs more than braces in some instances because the laboratory fee that needs to be paid at the start of the treatment is quite substantial. It can be as high as $1,500 or more.

The treatment fee that must be paid to Align Technology is broken down into four areas- there is the diagnosis and treatment plan, there appliance cost, the chair time for appointments and the retainers and retention at the end of the course of treatment. Be aware though that the appointments required for adjustments throughout the treatment are brief and relatively easy. There are some orthodontic offices that do charge their patients the same prices for both aligners and traditional braces.

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