Dental Implants Surgery In India – Merits, Demerits, Costs

A new horizon of the medical field cropping out in India is Dental implants surgery(which comes in cosmetic dentistry). This industry is growing very rapidly. It is one of the parts of cosmetic dentistry. Dental implant surgery is a medical treatment in which an artificial tooth root is implanted for replacing the missing teeth. They are considered to be the best treatment by the dental professionals. It is made up of synthetic material. They don’t rely on neighboring teeth for any kind of support. These implants looks and feel like natural teeth. They are permanent and long term replacements solution. Dental implants are made up of different materials like metallic, ceramic that can be compatible to body tissue. Every year many international patients come to visit India for dental implants surgery.

Types of Dental Implants surgery procedures:

o Root Form Implant :

This implant is shaped like the root of a tooth.

o Plate Form Implant :

It is shaped in a plate form

o Subperiosteal Implants


o Those who have problems to eat, they can restore proper chewing function by the implants.

o You can feel more confident after your implants.

o You can enjoy eating once again.

o You can eliminate painful gums.

o Dental implants help stop the progressive bone loss.


o Your implant site can get infected.

o Your surrounding structures can get damaged such as teeth or nasal cavity.

o Nerve damage, which can cause pain.

o You can have sinus problems.

The total cost of Dental implants surgery in India is very low. The cost of implants in India depends on the type of implants that is being performed. Medical tourism is a growing industry for international patients considering less price for surgery. After having Dental implants surgery in India you can get back to your country in a few days.

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