Dental Implants – Say Goodbye to Tooth Loss

Everyone smiles in the same language said someone and probably that is the reason why people try to repair and make their smile perfect. We use different means to try and make our teeth perfect so that we can smile with confidence. Today immense advancements have been made in the field of dentistry and due to this almost any kind of dental defect starting from stained yellow teeth to dental implants can be done easily. Dental implants are a simple procedure through which missing teeth or tooth can be replaced. A person can have missing teeth at any point of time due to different reasons like an infection, gum disease, an accident, certain medical conditions and old age. Artificial tooth replacement can be easily done by dental implants; all you need to do is find out an efficient dentist for this.

For dental implants a metal screw is placed at the jawbone, where the artificial tooth or teeth are placed. The surface where the artificial tooth will be placed is treated by plasma spraying or by sandblasting to increase the possibility of successfully doing the implant. A hole is then carefully drilled in the jawbone and the implant is placed there. The dental implant surgery is performed under a general anesthesia by a dentist who is professionally trained to do the procedure. There must be enough bone in the jaw for the dental implant to work out successfully. However if there is not enough bone in the jaw this can be taken care of through a process called bone augmentation. The bone in the jaw and the adjoining gums must also be in good condition for dental implants to work out successfully.

Before you go for the procedure, you must make sure that you have a talk with the dentist and be familiar with all the things that will be involved with the procedure. It is only after you come to know about the whole process you can decide if you want to do dental implants or not. If you are not clear about any aspect of the procedure, make sure that you make this clear and get all the answers that you are looking for. If you take a look back to history you will find instances where dental implants have been in use since very early years. Mummies from ancient Egypt have been found to be wearing gold wire and semi precious stone dental implants. Evidence of dental implants has also been found in ancient Roman and European civilizations.

Dental implants have come as a boon for people who lose their teeth an early age due to any medical condition or an accident. After undergoing dental implants make sure that you follow all the dos and don’ts as advised by your dentist. Make sure to take proper care of your teeth by following simple procedures like brushing your teeth twice daily, reducing the intake of beverage that are either too hot or too cold and eating a healthy balanced diet.

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