Dental Cosmetic Surgery Statistics

Cosmetic dentistry is a booming business in The United States, around the world actually. People take pride in their appearance and so if they have “flaws” or rather something that they see in themselves as a flaw, they often turn to cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic dentistry is the area of cosmetic surgery that pertains to the mouth and teeth.

There are many procedures available today in the area of cosmetic dentistry, the top five procedures performed show that approximately three million people yearly undergo posterior dental bonding procedures to improve their teeth, and another one and a half million people have anterior dental bonding procedures performed.

Nearly one million persons per year flash a perfect smile that was created with dental veneers, another one half million people have onlay or inlay procedures performed, and approximately one hundred and fifty thousand persons undergo dental implant surgery. Add up all of these procedures, and they still would not add up to the amount of people undergoing teeth whitening procedures.

Rising Perfect Smiles

These numbers will surely rise as over the last several years the number of these procedures has steadily risen by ten-fifteen percent annually. A little over half of these procedures are performed on patients from ages 41-60, another twenty percent are men and women under 30 years of age, and persons over the age of 60 make up another eleven percent. The remaining percentage is patients 30-40 years of age.

One third (33%) of patients who undergo cosmetic procedures are men while the balance, (67%) of course, are women. This is only a fraction of the work done considering other procedures offered such as a simple tooth whitening, crowns, bridges, and so on.

Booming Industry

The top five procedures alone gross the dental industry well over one billion dollars annually, and this is only a fraction of the work that is performed. Currently there are approximately one hundred fifty thousand dentists working in The United States, the majority of these being general dental practitioners.

Approximately eight thousand orthodontists are registered and approximately seven thousand oral maxillofacial surgeons are performing procedures in The U.S. as well as, just over 500 prosthodontics and approximately seven thousand practitioners of other specialty areas are registered in The United States to date. Considering these numbers one should have little trouble finding a qualified dentist or oral surgeon to help them with any issues they feel need addressed.

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