Dental Breakthrough – Tooth Regeneration Through Stem Cells

The use of implants may become a thing of the past if the discovery of tooth regeneration using your stem cells will be available. A new method was developed by Dr. Jeremy Mao of Columbia University regarding the use of stem cells with a 3D tooth structure. This radical technique can lead to other advancement in the formation of alveolar bone and periodontal ligaments. This means that we can soon regenerate natural teeth instead of relying on dentures and dental implants. Dr. Mao’s method of growing the teeth orthotopically within the gums and the socket using the integration of stem cells is a friendlier approach especially in relation to the cost of dental implants.

This breakthrough can even help those people who have lost their teeth have the best budget friendly alternative. Soon, people will not have to rely on dentures and dental implants for cosmetic and functional purposes. With Dr. Mao’s technique, the body’s stem cells will naturally form according to the anatomical 3D tooth structure implanted in the original tooth’s socket. They expect that this technique will result to faster recovery for patients unlike the case of dental implants.

Dental implants involve a titanium component or post to be anchored onto the jawbone and within the gums. Afterward a synthetic tooth is then connected onto the post. Yet the whole process typically takes 3 to 12 months to complete until the final restoration. This is because it takes time for the gums to heal and that the jawbone has to also grow around the titanium post before the synthetic tooth can be attached. A team of medical professionals is also involved in the installation of dental implants, thus you can expect that the fees of dental implants will be very costly. Depending on the scope of work, fees can range for $1,200 to $25,000.

If this new technology that Dr. Mao has discovered will push through and will be available in dental clinics, it will surely save us from the pain during the healing process and the high cost of dental implants. People who were not considered as good candidates for dental implants perhaps due to some health issues may find this new alternative very promising. With this groundbreaking approach, the embarrassing days of falling dentures should be over. People can then normally eat with their natural teeth even with chewing gums and hard food sans the speech impediment caused by poorly fitted dentures and poorly structured bridges.

Source by Shannon Rae Treasure

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