Cosmetic Jaw Surgery – How the Procedure is Performed

Some people want surgery on there jaw performed because there might be some imbalance in the face due to an abnormality in the upper and lower jaw. Attractiveness of a face is diminished if the jaws protrude too much. To correct such an error of the face, cosmetic jaw surgery is performed. An orthodontist may correct a minor error in the jaws but if the error is serious then surgery of the bone might be needed.

Maxilloplasty is a type of jaw surgery and is another name of surgery of the upper jaw. An extra amount of care is required in this procedure as it is very sensitive and it is sometimes not considered as cosmetic surgery as it is basically a reconstructive surgery. Mandibuloplasty is another name of cosmetic surgery of the lower jaw. Usually a bone graft, cartilage or a silicon graft is implanted in the chin to give it a better look.

Chin surgery is usually performed under a local anesthesia but if bone or cartilaginous graft is needed, then general anesthesia is given and the graft is acquired from the ribs. Incision is usually made on the inside surface of the chin or just under the chin to avoid appearance of the scar tissue. Incision under the chin is usually made to remove a part of the bone to reduce size of the chin. A nerve might be damaged in this procedure which might produce numbness and loss of sensitivity on a certain area of the lower lip. This effect is usually temporary but in rare instances it might be permanent. Moreover, if a graft is placed in the chin, it might displace from its original position. This error is corrected by performing a second adjustment surgery.

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