Cosmetic Dentistry – Veneers Vs Braces

The teeth will gradually decay and shift as humans age, it is just a part of life. But after all of the decay has been removed, what’s next? Are these men and women destined to go through the rest of their lives with partial teeth, holes in their teeth, translucent teeth, or chipped teeth? No, they will seek out the dentistry professionals who can cork, cap, correct, and cover their teeth where needed. Though people generally think of braces as being for teenagers and veneers being for the elderly, this is not true. People of all ages can benefit from either solution.

Often times, this brings up the debate of whether to go for braces to correct the alignment of one’s teeth or to go for the advent of veneers. On one hand, the most obvious difference between braces and veneers is the time investment of six months to a year and a half with braces on with the condition of the enamel and overall shape of the teeth still have to be considered or left alone. On the other hand, veneers can be completed in as little as two all-inclusive visits to a cosmetic dentist’s office or up to a series of visits for consultation, tooth shaping, a fitting, placement of temporary veneers and finally the permanent veneers are placed with dental cement.

But what about the long-term effects of the benefits and hindrances on either side of the braces/veneers debate? On one hand, when it come to braces, patients often consider the appearance, the discomfort, but there is a proven method of a gradual change with braces whether they are plastic or metal. These dentistry devices are ideal for men and women who want to preserve their natural teeth; they just long to improve the alignment. It is ideal to use braces when the shape and erosion of the teeth are not great issues.

On the other hand, veneers are intended to help conceal and therefore improve the appearance of teeth that are misshapen, off color, or noticeably eroded of their enamel. However, it is a synthetic or porcelain façade over the natural teeth. And there is no going back after the amount of shaving that may have taken place to the natural teeth. Although it is a sudden change, the decision has to be confident in using the product and the skill of the dentistry professional. Whether one chooses braces or veneers, long-term change will come, it depends on the amount of time the patient is willing to invest and the method of change they choose to take on at this time or permanently.

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