Care Of Your Pets When Selling Your Home

Often when people put their homes on the Real Estate market for sale they tend to forget the impact that showings of their house will have on their animal family members. Obviously it is up to their listing agent to help them over this hurdle, however, sometimes we fall short of our duty to the family pets. As Real Estate agents we have to think both of the impact that people coming into our listings will have on doggy, kitty, bunny, or whatever, and the impact that doggy, kitty, bunny, or whatever, will have on the prospective buyer.

Often the vendor will have the welfare of their animal or animals at heart and make their own arrangements. They will put a 24-hour notice on any showings to afford them the time they need to make suitable arrangements for their pet. This time restriction on the showing of their house is not always in their best interest as showings are often lost because the buying agent cannot get their clients in to see the property at the client’s convenience. Sometimes the vendor will instruct their agent to allow no showings during the day while they are at work, thus, once again valuable showing time becomes limited. Often the presence of the pet or pets is not a problem in that the animal is confined to a cage whenever the owner is out of the house, anyway. This usually works unless the animal is a doggy that is prone to barking. Often the continuous barking of a dog in a rather confined area will drive prospective buyers crazy and cause them to vacate the property as soon as possible resulting possibly in a lost sale.

As a Real Estate agent I do not have the answer to pet quandaries. As an agent I have to be mindful all of the time during a showing to not let kitty out and to try to prevent a possible doggy attack. I have found over the years that quite often even the most mild-mannered canine will have a personality change with strangers invading his or her domain. Being well aware of dog and cat temperaments from having these pets most of my life sometimes I can see looks of bewilderment in their eyes, as well as, fear, when I arrive on the scene as a stranger and with strangers in tow to what they must think is a hostile take-over of their private property.

Thinking as a seller and having had pets personally for many years I would be afraid that my best friend would get out during a showing and would not be there when I arrived home. This would prompt me to make sure to put some form of safety measure for my pet into place before putting my house on the market. As a Real Estate agent it is my duty to make my vendor aware of possible problems with pets roaming free during a showing and help them reach reasonable solutions to possible pet problems before they occur so that the selling of their property will go as painlessly and effortlessly as possible.

Source by Barb Wilson-Meyers

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