Canine Separation Anxiety – Don’t Do This

Don’t let your dog continue to suffer with canine separation anxiety any longer. There are simple solutions to dog separation anxiety that most dog owners overlook and today is the best day to start finding a solution for this ongoing problem. If you are feeling like there is no end to the constant barking and distress then give me a minute to change your mind. Right now, we are going to cover the top things that you shouldn’t do to cure separation anxiety with your dog.

The first thing that you I do not recommend is punishing your dog for barking while you are gone. This does nothing more than get you in a bad mood and your dog doesn’t learn from it. Your dog is anxious because you are gone and this is the only way that he knows how to cope.

Don’t do silly things like leave an object that smells like you around for the dog. This might comfort your dog, but it doesn’t really address the issue. Plus, this opens new doors to your dog ripping up and destroying your personal items. Do yourself a favor and do not go down this road.

Don’t hold off on getting a crate. If your dog is destroying your furniture or other items in your house, then a crate is one of the best ways to solve the problem for now. It might seem mean to leave your dog in a crate, but unless you have a backyard then there is not really another option.

Source by Elise Fredricks

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