Can Our Canine Friends Make or Break a Marriage?

Dogs form such an integral part of our life. Most of us have grown up with them or we long to have them. We, as human beings have found our best friends with this species. They trust us, are faithful beyond the limits and be our companions. But does having a canine friend affect what we share with our better half, our spouse?

The impact that dogs have on a marriage has been the subject of discussion, survey and research for a long time. What role do they play, if they have any role at all, in the making or breaking of a marriage?

I found out that in a poll which was conducted to ask if pets created problems in marital lives (54%) 364 out of 673 people said Yes and another 114 of them said few problems and were okay with it. Research commissioned by the Halifax Pet Insurance in Britain, states that pets especially dogs and cats influence a substantial part of the entire relationship. In fact, it has been found that people who do not cook daily for their families end up cooking fresh for their dogs. The research underlines that quite a number of couple feel that their dog is a disturbing third party in their relationship?

What problems could a dog possibly cause amongst a married couple? The biggest problem is when your partner is not very enthused about having a pet especially a dog. This just lays a foundation. The damages caused by dogs especially when they have behavior problems the partner cannot cope with, can friction amongst the husband and wife. The dent on your finances because of your pet can trouble the partner especially if he/she is not willing to raise a dog. Dogs are not toys. They demand your time and attention. All the exercising, care and grooming needs to be non stop. Allergies to dog feces o hair of one partner can really stop the household entirely from having a dog. Added up to all these are legal issues and neighbor’s complaints?

Well now, with so many complaints it feels like any family with a dog can have a separation or divorce, if not at least discontent. The catch here is there is also a great deal of positive impact of having a dog in the family. The bright side of having dogs is that it gives an insight into relationships and the responsibilities involved. Dogs can provide the familial atmosphere, the attention, support and acceptance. IT has been proved that people who spend their time with pets tend to run lower risks of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Dogs can help you relax and reduce stress in the family. Undoubtedly you compulsorily get the exercise you would otherwise be lazy to do! A study done by the New York University at Buffalo promotes this line of thought?

Now you are probably confused! All that negativity towards dogs and then suddenly so many positive points to having a dog? Well what one has to understand is, in a marriage having a dog and caring for it should be a job done together. It requires mutual liking and sharing of the dog care amongst the two partners. Dogs are not toys. They have their own demands but they also give you their lifetime free friendship! Nurturing them is not a joke but it is also a joy! It is akin to parenting a kid and when the companionship and love of a marriage extends to your dog, trust me, it can be a great life!?

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