Better Than X-Rays

In the previous post we discussed improvements made to x-rays with digital imaging. The biggest improvement dentistry has made in the last 10 years is a type of imaging called a cone beam. A cone beam is a 3-dimensional image taken of the head, similar to a CT Scan.

We brought this technology to McCall in 2014 and use this type of image to identify problems that are undetected or inconclusive with x-rays. After having depended soley on x-rays for years of practice, both Dr. Speirs and Dr. Jensen have noted a significant increase in the ability to diagnose and understand the magnitude of problems that might otherwise go undetected in the teeth and jaws.

Cone beams are also essential for the evaluation of bone for the placement of dental implants or for difficult tooth extractions where viewing things in three dimensions is critical. As this equipment becomes more affordable for small businesses, we predict that the use of this technology will become more commonplace until they will be found in nearly all dental offices. If you’re interested in learning more about this advancement in dental imaging, call us here at McCall Dental Care to schedule a visit. We love to talk about it and show how it can help our patients!

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