Benefits of Invisalign Orthodontics

At the dental practices, invisalign has become the prevalent method for correcting misaligned teeth in adults. In the past, if a person was not born with perfectly straight teeth, the only way to achieve the alignment was with bulky metal hardware. the invisalign sidesteps the bulky hardware for a more streamlined orthodontic-correction method.

The invisalign treatment takes the straightening benefits of traditional braces but doesn’t involve all the wire, rubber, and metal. The orthodontic tooth movement is instead achieved by using a set of clear, almost invisible, plastic aligners that gradually straighten a patient’s smile.

At the dental offices, getting started with invisalign orthodontics is really simple. After an initial consultation with one of the dentists, patients learn if he or she is a qualified candidate. If qualified, impressions are taken. These are followed by computerized, digital radiographs and photographs. These records are then compiled and a 3-D image of the mouth is created on the computer.

In a subsequent computerized consultation, patients are able to view their current tooth position; learn how invisalign treatment will correct their misalignment over time; and ultimately”see what their orthodontic results will be when treatment is complete. From here, patients can discuss and set a treatment plan and time-frame with their dentist.

The dentistry experts offer the initial invisalign consultation at no charge. They believe it is so important for patients to explore all their treatment options and they feel that this consultation is the best avenue to discuss the optimal treatment for oral alignment correction and the possibility of using invisalign orthodontics.

Patients receive new trays for the upper and lower row of teeth every other week from their dentist, and each new set gradually moves their crooked teeth to a beautiful, straight smile. Whether suffering from crowded or spaced teeth, a cross bite, overbite, under bite, or virtually any other orthodontic disorder, invisalign can correct the malady and put patients on the road to a happier, healthier smile

The dentists’ offices have been treating patients with misaligned teeth since 2004. The invisalign is one of their favorite procedures because the treatment is easy for the patient, it doesn’t involve bulky metal hardware. Plus, they love the outcome.

In addition to the benefit of using clear, almost invisible, trays for straightening, patients really appreciate the ability to take the trays out of their mouth for eating and cleaning their teeth. And, most cases can go from crooked to straight in less than a year!

Dentists like to send before and after pictures of patients’ smiles. It’s just amazing the difference a smile can make. It’s not only the teeth that change. Many times patients’ eyes sparkle a little more and they are smiling a little bigger. They are proud of their smiles. It’s awesome to experience how a patient’s straight teeth can have such a positive influence to their self-esteem.

Besides boosting patients’ self-esteem, invisalign is gentler on the mouth than other orthodontic methods. The invisalign uses a hardened plastic that molds to the teeth, whereas braces require metal brackets to be cemented to the teeth. The harsh metals often cause irritation and cuts on the soft tissue of the gums and inner mouth. Of course some discomfort is regular when moving teeth, but, with invisalign, cuts and irritations of the mouth are minimal.

Source by Tracy Davis

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