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Dental Bridge

There a lot of treatments for the missing teeth e.g. dentures or implants. A famous treatment is dental bridging. A dental bridge is another type of treatment or one can say that a solution for the missing teeth. It is actually a false tooth or may be teeth which are infused between two porcelain crowns […]

Oral Pathology Is Important to Our Health

Oral pathology is a special field of dental medicine that deals with diseases that affect the oral region of the body. It enables medical experts to accurately tell the causes, development process, and the effects of illnesses that can affect the mouth and oral cavity. And the most important contribution of oral pathologists is telling […]

Canine Glaucoma – Causes and Natural Solutions

Canine glaucoma is a slowly progressive problem. It can lead to blindness. In glaucoma the retina of the eye is affected. It is also affected in a similar condition known as retinal atrophy. The symptoms of retinal atrophy is reduced night vision, followed by the same during daylight. The pupils are dilated. Cataracts may develop. […]

Dental Bone Grafting – How to Take Care of Your Bone Graft

A dental bone grafting is useful for the restoration of the bone after a bone loss resulting from a complicated tooth extraction or tooth loss. As soon as the bone is restored, a dentist can fix implants or carry out other procedures. For the period of the bone graft, spare bone from the patient, cadaver […]

Bone Grafting and Dental Implants

Your first port of call will be to question your dental implantologist further about their reasons for wanting to do a bone graft. Your second port of call is to read all the information you can about bone grafting and dental implants. What is a bone graft? A bone graft is also known as bone […]

Oral Surgeon Salary by Industry, Location, and Experience

Oral surgeons, or most commonly referred to as oral and maxillofacial surgeons, are specialized dentists who diagnose and treat dental defects, including diseases and injuries. A few examples of dental problems that oral surgeons treat include wisdom tooth removals, TMJ, dental implants, cysts and tumors operations, and so on. In some cases, oral surgeons also […]

Dental Surgery Overview

Over the course of a lifetime, every person undergoes some kind of dental surgery or the other. It is important not to ignore any dental problems that you might be suffering from. Tooth alignment issues, tooth decay, bleeding gums are all the starting symptoms of more complicated dental problems. Dental surgery has changed a great […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal, Treatment and Aftercare

Wisdom Teeth removal requires lots of precision. It is best to get wisdom tooth extracted by an experienced dental surgeons. They are able to extract tooth with high precision and are able to take control of complications if any. Sometimes, while extracting, there is heavy bleeding or patient experiences low blood pressure or other similar […]

Tooth Extraction: Causes, Procedure and Aftercare

A tooth extraction is one of the most feared procedures in dentistry. Patients have an assumption that it’s a very painful procedure which is built by the horror stories they heard around. The fact is that tooth extraction is a routine procedure for most dentists and a simple extraction procedure should leave you with nothing […]

A Guide to Dental Implants in a Recession

The economy has made everyone cost conscious, but it’s important that people do not cut corners on dental care. When it comes to dentistry, and dental implants in particular, cost-cutting measures can actually lead to higher costs in the future. People should not stop their routine checkups, because canceling them can backfire. Checkups and dental […]