5 Benefits of Dental Implant As a Restorative Procedure

Whenever a tooth or a set of teeth are missing, it will make it difficult for a person to chew and grind the food. There are instances when the situation even makes it disturbing to speak well. It is therefore, proper treatment is advised.

There are several ways in filling the spaces left by a missing tooth but one good choice in teeth replacement is by having dental implants. It is simply described as an artificial tooth which is placed deep within your jaw, replacing the old tooth. This method is done by a dental surgeon.

Dental implants are further classified into two types which are:

a. Endosteal- which is the common sort of implant practiced by dental surgeons. This method is also called as the “in the bone” type which is commonly applied to patients who have bridges and dentures. This type uses screws that are placed in the jawbone during surgery. One implant can possibly hold one or more prosthetic teeth.

b. Subperiosteal- which is also called as the “on the bone” procedure. Patients who cannot wear who have minimal bone height are placed under this process. Unlike Endosteal which is planted into the jawbone, Subperiosteal is done by positioning the metal framework on top of the jaw.

Both types of dental implants’ screws which are mentioned above use titanium technology. These screws are the ones responsible in holding firmly the new tooth in place making the tooth look absolutely natural.

There are five advantages of dental implants to which a patient can benefit from. These are:

1. Dental implants, unlike false teeth and bridges do not get their strength from the neighboring teeth. Implants can support themselves making the patient sure that his or her oral hygiene will not be affected by not disturbing other teeth.

2. This type of tooth replacement seems to be so natural. The implants are planted into your bone making it even difficult to tell that you have your tooth replaced.

3. Dental implants are considered to be the best choice in filling in a missing tooth as the percentage of success is really high.

4. Because it makes a person feel like it is a real tooth, he can feel more comfortable with himself. It also gives him more confidence in speaking and communicating with people.

5. Dental implants are so stable and strong. They can even be used immediately in biting (example, fruits and vegetables) and for chewing. Once planted, they are permanently yours. No need for replacing it after some time. The only care they need is only by brushing and flossing them.

The entire healing process of implants may take some months after the surgery. Still most people opt for it since the healing process is worth going through anyway.

Just like any other procedures, if you are interested in having dental implants, you should first consult your dentist about it. It is necessary for you to understand the whole process of this treatment for you to become more assured of your decision.

Source by Robert Melkonyan

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